We exist to honor Ryan's memory by making a difference in the lives of others.

It is our mission in to continue to raise awareness of the dangers around water, both to children and adults,
while hosting fundraising events that will contribute to a decrease in local water related fatalities.

"I just want to be a good person, good people are remembered."

— Ryan Thomas

Open water drownings most often occur within a few feet of safety and most drowning victims had a life jacket available, but chose not to wear it.

Life Jacket Loaner Program

Anyone can become victim to water injurys regardless of swiming abilities or water experience. Ryan was an experienced boater, but unfortuantely was not wearing a life jacket and drowned nearly 20 feet from the dock. Investigations could not conclude what caused Ryan to drown.

The Ryan Thomas Foundation has partnered with the DPCA to collaborate with other state and local entities to establish life jacket loaner stations at several lakes and rivers in Arizona. The stations will be located near the dock of each lake and will allow boaters to use a life vest from the loaner station and return it at the end of the day. The stations will not only provide life vest to those who do not have them, it will also serve as a reminder for all individuals to put their life vest on.

Golf Event

Thank you all so much. We are all booked up and ready to tee off!

You can still make a difference by showing your support or making a donation. If you would like to register for a last minute dinner plate, please call Shannon Liebrock at (480) 993-5610.